Masterpieces of Bulgarian ecclesiastical art

Engineering Building, Lavrushinsky Lane, 12, 3rd floor
june 29 2018 september 02 2018
Christ Pantocrator
National Historical Museum (Bulgaria)
Cross. Master Costa Demetrius from Linotopi. 1786
National Historical Museum (Bulgaria)
St. Methodius the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople (?)
National Historical Museum (Bulgaria)
St. John Chrysostom
National Historical Museum (Bulgaria)
"Archangel Michael seizes the soul of the rich"
National Historical Museum (Bulgaria)
The Royal doors
National Historical Museum (Bulgaria)
Aër. First half of the 16th century
National Historical Museum (Bulgaria)
Miter. Venice, early 17th century
National Historical Museum (Bulgaria)

The exhibition will present unique pieces of icon-painting, embroidery, crafts, manuscript books, including the famous Boiany Book of Psalms of the second half of the 13th century.

For the first time ever, Moscow will see the gold-and-silver miter of Joasaph, Archbishop of Ohrid. Forty-seven monuments will represent the biggest landmarks in the history of Bulgarian art and special features of national icon-painting of the Balkan Renaissance period. Many monuments are linked to the most important events of Bulgarian history. Some works still have ktitors’ (former owners’) inscriptions bearing the names of the people who commissioned them and the time of the monument creation. 

An illustrated catalog has been prepared for the exhibition.

The project had support from Vitaly L. Maschitsky.

Exhibition materials:

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