P.V. Kuznetsov. Pushball. 1931
Canvas, oil
A.A. Deineka. Goalkeeper. 1934
Canvas, oil
Ya. Soans. Race along the sand track. 1983
S.A. Grigoryev. Goalkeeper. 1949
Canvas, oil
E.A. Janson-Manizer. Honored Master of Sports, three-time champion in skating, M.G. Isakova. 1949
A.A. Deineka. 100 metres. 1947
A.A. Deineka. Playing the ball. 1932
Canvas, oil
I.M. Chaykov. Pole vault. 1952
Silumin, steel, ceramics
A.A. Deineka. Relay race. 1945
Bronze, metal
A.N. Samokhvalov. Tennis. 1968-1971
Canvas, oil
A.V. Molev. Hockey player. 2001
Wood, metal

This exhibition of sculptured works created between the 1930s and the 1990s is made up of pieces taken from the Tretyakov Gallery collection. It is dedicated to the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The display will include famous items, such as “The Girl with an Oar” by I.D. Shadr, “The Sportswoman” by E.A. Yanson-Manizer, “Soccer Players” by A.A. Deyneka, “Hockey Players” by I.M. Chaikov, and unique pieces of sculpture that rarely go on display, including “The Pole Vault” by I.M. Chaikov, “The Relay Race”, “The 100-meter Dash” and “Before the Start” by A.A. Deyneka, “Honored Master of Sports M. Isakova” by E.A. Yanson-Manizer. Of special interest will be a few works that have a peculiar design, such as “The Female Swimmer” by A.G. Pologova, “A Race Along a Sand Track” by Jaak Soans, “Soccer” by O.B. Kostkevich.

The project was implemented with the support of Anatoly Novikov.

Exhibition materials:

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