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The Zaraysk Sphynxes. Mythology in Anna Golubkina’s oeuvre

Anna Golubkina Memorial Studio
Anna Golubkina. Tamer. 1925
Alabaster. Tretyakov Gallery
Anna Golubkina. Tamer. 1925
Alabaster. Tretyakov Gallery

The exhibition presents the mythological vein in Anna Golubkina’s oeuvre, which was especially prominent during the sculptor’s Zaraysk period (1904—1910).

A thematic group of works that was labelled “The Zaraysk Sphynxes” reflected Anna Golubkina’s infatuation with culture and art of Ancient Orient, and, in particular, Egyptian and Assyrian sculpture.

Paradoxically, the features of ancient mythology creatures that struck Golubkina’s imagination fit together with images of female inhabitants of Russian provinces, which allows for interpreting the plastic images not only as visions of vanished civilizations, but also as the sculptor’s meditations on contemporary issues. 

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