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Treasury of the Tretyakov Gallery

  • Articul: 004567
  • ISBN: 978-5-89580-044-7, 978-5-89580-049-2
  • Back: Softback
  • Language: Russian, English
  • Size: 22 × 22 c, 48 pages
  • Weight: 0,21 kg

Treasury of the Tretyakov Gallery — State Tretyakov Gallery, 2014. — 48 p.: with illustrations

The Treasury of the Tretyakov Gallery contains a rich and important collection of various works, dating to the 12th–20th centuries, and made of precious metals and gems. These are different objects for ecclesiastic and secular use.

This edition, written for a wide audience, is devoted to some of the achievements of Russian applied and decorative art, illustrating in a concise form the collection of the Fund of Precious Metals.

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