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Welcome to the State Tretyakov gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery possesses a unique collection of Russian art which includes masterpieces which span a period of a thousand years.

The Gallery was founded by a Russian merchant and patron of the arts Pavel Tretyakov. He donated his collection to the city of Moscow in 1892. The State Tretyakov Gallery has since become a world-famous museum. Nowadays it contains more than 170,000 works by Russian artists from early religious paintings to modern art.


12 june 2016
Visiting on public holidays (Russia Day, June 12)
Congratulations on your upcoming holidays and we look forward to seeing you in the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery!
10 june 2016
Alexei Sotnikov. As part of the project “The Tretyakov Gallery opens its store”
Alexei Georgievich Sotnikov (1904-1989) is one of the founders of the monumental porcelain sculpture. The small exhibition will bring together the master’s key works
8 june 2016
Mikhail Dronov. Sculpture of 1960s - 2000s
Together with the works created by the master in the 1980s, the most active period of his work, the exhibition features his sculptures created in the 2000s
1 june 2016
The Secrets of Old Paintings. As part of the project “The Tretyakov Gallery opens its store”
The exhibition embodies the dream of the majority of the audience to get to know more about the museum’s life “behind the scenes”: research, conservation and restoration activities
29 may 2016
First International Festival VIVARTE
The first concert of the festival, which brings together chamber music and art, tradition and avant-garde
27 may 2016
The Artist and the Time. Drawings of the Romantic period. As part of the project “The Tretyakov Gallery opens its store”
The exhibition will open for the visitors who appreciate the elegance and the beauty of the graphic arts, featuring the best examples of the romantic drawings by the greatest masters of the first half of the 19th century
21 may 2016
The Night of Museums
You can visit our museum for free
19 may 2016
Victor Vasnetsov’s family. Life and existence. As part of the project “The Tretyakov Gallery opens its store”
The exhibition presents paintings and graphic portraits of the members of the family of Victor Vasnetsov (1848-1926), as well as some drawings made by his children
29 april 2016
"Collected Works". World of literature of Moscow sculptors
Exhibition project within the framework of the Tretyakov Gallery’s long-term program "Language of Sculpture in Braille"
27 april 2016
Pavel Tretyakov’s European Travels
Exhibition of photographs as part of the Photobiennale-2016. As part of the project “The Tretyakov Gallery opens its store”
23 april 2016
From Elizabeth to Victoria. English portrait from the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London
This exhibition will be the first experience in collaboration of the Tretyakov Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery in London
15 april 2016
The Modern Art: 1960–2000. Restart
Opening of the new version of the permanent exhibition of the modern art demonstrates the diversity of artistic trends in the art of the second half of the XX century
13 april 2016
Sergei Gerasimov. Watercolor, charcoal, sanguine
Opening of the exhibition
13 april 2016
Vasiliy Kandinskiy. Counterpoint: Composition VI - Composition VII. For the 150th anniversary of the artist
The exhibition set up by the Tretyakov Gallery and the State Hermitage will be a highlight of the year
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24 march — 13 june
Geliy Korzhev
Geliy Korzhev

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