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Welcome to the State Tretyakov gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery possesses a unique collection of Russian art which includes masterpieces which span a period of a thousand years.

The Gallery was founded by a Russian merchant and patron of the arts Pavel Tretyakov. He donated his collection to the city of Moscow in 1892. The State Tretyakov Gallery has since become a world-famous museum. Nowadays it contains more than 170,000 works by Russian artists from early religious paintings to modern art.


24 april 2015
From the programme "The Tretyakov Gallery opens up its store rooms." The Artist and time. Drawings from the 18th century
The exhibition will give the viewer an idea of the important role of drawing in the art world of that time and allows us to see every aspect of the variety and beauty that was common in techniques at that time: pastel, watercolor, pen drawing, pencil drawing, charcoal, and sanguine
22 april 2015
Georgy Yakulov. Master of coloured suns
One of the most exciting and original artists of the early twentieth century, Georgy Bogdanovich Yakulov (1884-1928) combined the traditions of East and West in his works
17 april 2015
Igor Makarevich. Elena Elagina. Analysis of art
This special project continues a series of Makarevich and Elaginas exhibitions, Analysis of art, which have been on display in some of the worlds largest museums among masterpieces of fine art
13 march 2015
Special project. Nikolai Kasatkin. A Dual Picture
As part of the project Hyperrealism. When Reality Becomes Illusion
13 march 2015
Hyperrealism. When reality becomes an illusion
The exhibition is dedicated to hyperrealism the creative movement in art of the late 1960s early 1990s
6 march 2015
From the programme "The Tretyakov Gallery opens up its store rooms." The truth of the classics. Sculpture of the twentieth century
The exhibition is devoted to understanding the classical sculptors of ancient tradition and the expressive qualities of archaic sculpture
25 february 2015
Pavel Fedotov. The Theatre of Life. In honour of the 200th Anniversary of the artists birth
Fedotov is one of Russias most popular artists. He has been dubbed the "Russian Hogarth" and a "Gogol in colour". He portrayed the "human comedy" of Russian society in the 1840s with a wide variety of "types" and "situations"
4 february 2015
Another Korovin. Painting, Graphic Art. In honour of the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Yuvenaly Korovin
Yuvenaly Dmitrievich Korovin (19141991) was a graphic artist, painter, and illustrator who was educated according to the traditions of the Vkhutemas school (Higher Art and Technical Studios)
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